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Scuba diving cylinder

May 3, 2011 by  
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One of the most important equipment in scuba diving sport is certainly a diving cylinder, or as Americans speaking scuba diving tank

The main role of diving tank is transporting and storing breathing gas, with which it provides diver through the demand valve. Once the diving tank is filled with breathing air, diver can use cylinders for approximately one week, that means air in scuba tank have indefinite shelf life

One or more tanks can be are carried by professional divers, it depends on requirements of immersion. Diving in regions with warm water usually requires only one cylinder, however diving in cold water or in water with low visibility usually needs more than only one scuba tank.

Meanwhile, the scuba diving tank is composed of few parts. One of the most important part of scuba tank is the pressure container that is usually made from cold-extruded aluminum or forged steel. Another essential part of diving cylinder is pillar valve. Pillar valve is the point of connection of pressure vessel and diving regulator. Besides of forming connection with regulator, this valve controls the flow of breathing gas in and out of the pressure container. The Y pillar valve is another valve in scuba diving tank.

Under water air storage is not the one role of diving cylinder. Also it is used above water as the vessel for oxygen, to use in emergency cases and as the first aid cure.

All this explains why the diving tank is called an essential part of scuba diving sport.

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Gear for Scuba Diving Check

May 2, 2011 by  
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You should never forget to check all the necessary equipment before you are going to dive. This rule can provide you safety.


Before you go to dive check the presence and condition of the following items:





Wet-suit, gloves, hoods and boots - these items will not only protect you from different sea habitants’ attacks but will also help you keep your body from hypothermia. Before using these items make sure that there are no holes or cracks. To check for example gloves just put them filled with air into a bath with water. If there are no bubbles going out the item is ok.

Mask – this item will provide visibility to you and protect your eyes from salty water. You can visually check the mask for damages or you can try to wear it and fix it on your face with vacuum. If the mask does not fall down it’s ok.

Weight belt - this item is necessary to cope with buoyancy.

Regulator – the item is used for breathing gas at low pressure. Inspect the hose for any cracks or other damages.

Fins – fins will help you to swim using less effort.

Dive tables – dive tables are used decompression avoiding.

Other accessories - these are items like different bags, knives etc. depending on your dive’s goal.

And of course, SCUBA – The item will supply oxygen to your lungs. Check the quantity of the oxygen inside the tank. Will it be enough for your dive?

If you won’t forget these simple advises you will never be upset about your diving process. Enjoy scuba diving.


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    Scuba Diving Essential Equipment

    May 2, 2011 by  
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    If you ask someone about scuba diving, the first answer that comes to mind is: fins, mask and tank. But in fact diving is impossible without other essential equipment, such as cylinder with 2 stage regulator and BCD

    Usually cylinders are made from aluminum alloy or stainless steel. Pressure from 2,250 to 3,500 psi is a range of withstanding for such tanks, due to special design of shape. The most regular capacity of such cylinders is 80 cubic feet. Rate of breathe and depth of immersion are the main factors that influence on amount of time available for diver to stay under water.

    The function of 2 stage regulator is to reduce the pressure of gas in scuba cylinder, that is very important in scuba diving.

    Also there are some other devices that are crucial in providing diver’s safety under water. Like pressure meter, depth meter and dive timer. Pressure meter is a device that gives information regarding the amount of gas, left in scuba tank. Depth meter, as follows from the name of this device, shows the depth at which diver is at the moment. The amount of time spent under water is shown by dive timer, it is very necessary because of risk of decompression sickness.

    BC or BCD are other very important devices in scuba diving sport. BC is acronym of buoyancy compensator and BCD is buoyancy control device. This devise helps in adjusting and controlling the buoyancy of diver. Also BCD is necessary in providing constant depth of immersion.


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